Jordan Weiler

Graduated With Master's Degree
CIS Department
University of Oregon

Jordan was with CDUX for the second year of his M.S. degree, from September 2013 to June 2014.

Prior to joining UO, Jordan graduated magna cum laude from the University of Arkansas with his Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science and minor in Mathematics in 2008. After working as a developer for four years, he decided to return to school to study advanced topics in computer science, including machine learning, computer graphics, and scientific visualization.

While in CDUX, Jordan studied two topics. First, he worked at improving performance in VisIt's connected components algorithm for distributed-memory parallelism. This work led to optimized code being incorporated back into VisIt, as well as a publication. Second, Jordan worked on a visualization project for Conoco-Philips in collaboration with the Texas Advanced Computing Center. For this project, he adapted VisIt to work within CP's larger visualization environment.

Upon graduation, Jordan joined Emberex as a software developer.

A Distributed-Memory Algorithm for Connected Components Labeling of Simulation Data
Cyrus Harrison, Jordan Weiler, Ryan Bleile, Kelly Gaither, and Hank Childs
Topological and Statistical Methods for Complex Data, December 2014

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