Abhishek Yenpure

Ph.D. Candidate
CIS Department
University of Oregon

Office:203 Deschutes


Abhishek is a Ph.D candidate in the Computer and Information Science Department of the University of Oregon. He started as a Master's student in Fall 2016, transitioned into the Ph.D. program in January 2018, and advanced to candidacy in June 2021. Before joining the U of O, Abhishek worked as a software engineer in the domain of Business Intelligence and Data Migration for 3 years, developing ETL tools. He also had a brief exposure to Information Visualization during this time. He completed his Bachelor of Engineering degree at University of Pune, India in 2013.
As a part of the CDUX group he is currently working on projects involving parallel rendering and parallel particle advection.


Scalable In Situ Computation of Lagrangian Representations via Local Flow Maps
Sudhanshu Sane, Abhishek Yenpure, Roxana Bujack, Matt Larsen, Ken Moreland, Christoph Garth, Christopher R. Johnson, and Hank Childs
Eurographics Symposium on Parallel Graphics and Visualization (EGPGV), Zurich, Switzerland, June 2021
Best Paper

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Parallel Particle Advection Bake-Off for Scientific Visualization Workloads
Roba Binyahib, David Pugmire, Abhishek Yenpure, and Hank Childs
IEEE Cluster Conference, Kobe, Japan, September 2020

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Efficient Point Merge Using Data Parallel Techniques
Abhishek Yenpure, Hank Childs, and Ken Moreland
Eurographics Symposium on Parallel Graphics and Visualization (EGPGV), Porto, Portugal, June 2019

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Performance-Portable Particle Advection with VTK-m
David Pugmire, Abhishek Yenpure, Mark Kim, James Kress, Robert Maynard, Hank Childs, and Bernd Hentschel
Eurographics Symposium on Parallel Graphics and Visualization (EGPGV), Brno, Czech Republic, June 2018

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